• Bio

    James Haddock
    817 487 1700
    Represented by Your Private Collection Art Gallery Granbury Texas

    After a 44 year career in education as a teacher and counselor, I seemed to just unleash a passion for art. I had learned much from observing nature while living on and improving a five acre wooded lot. So it was natural that the textures and colors of nature would appear in my paintings. The spring and fall colors of North Texas can be seen in my paintings.

    My last position in education was as a counselor with kindergarten children. I used play and art in working with this age group. They taught me a valuable lesson, and that is we adults should play. That is exactly what art is for me – play.

    My mixed media art is experimental art. I normally do not have a preconceived idea about the art piece when I start, which is so exciting because the outcome is always surprising. When I do begin with a specific idea, the result often surprises me, thus each finished piece is a unique, one-of-a-kind, and never can be duplicated.

    In creating my paintings, it is a process of building up layers of texture and many layers of paint. Thus, all papers and objects are encased in medium. The layers of paint create brilliant colors much like seen in the seasons of spring and fall. The textures and brilliant colors thrill me and keep me painting day after day.